BEST DRINKS FOR PCOS The 5 Quickest & Easiest Way

  best drinks for pcos: Hey Beauties Today we are going to see what’s best drinks for pcos an easy way to prepare and know about everything why you should add these things to your pcos drinks. In this post, we are first to see about a smoothie combination that you can try out yourself for pcos. Then we see Top Indian Home-based drinks for pcos. Kindly read fully for better understanding.  

Best Smoothie Recipes For PCOS

Remember that increasing healthy fat, protein, and fibre intake while reducing liquid carb intake is the most essential part someone with PCOS can take to prevent insulin response. This will decrease the glycemic response and extend your sense of fullness. Below, I’ve included a few things so you can try out other combos. Do not feel forced to include every category! However, I would advise a source of protein, fat, or both, as well as fibres. The fruit comes, of usual. And a vegetable, if at all possible.

best drinks for pcos




Including a protein source can make it easier for you to eat less. Here are some examples of possible selections: Yoghurt: Your choice of either nondairy or plain Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has a higher protein content than non-dairy yoghurt. Steer clear of yoghurt that has been sweetened. – Protein powder: Whey or plant-based whey protein, particularly pea protein, both are options. -Nut butter: Instead of peanut butter, choose almond, cashew, or hazelnut.  


By including fats, the smoothie will become creamier and keep you fuller for longer. Fat also slows it down the metabolism of sugars and carbohydrates, assisting you in maintaining a constant blood sugar level. Options consist of: Almond, cashew, coconut, sunflower seed, hazelnut, or pumpkin nut butter. – Avocado: loaded with cardio fats, it’s ideal for a smoothie for PCOS!  


Fruit is a good source of carbohydrates, and it also has a lot of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. So too many fruits can raise blood sugar levels, so it’s best to consume it in moderation. I suggest about one cup of fruit for most women. Options consist of: – Your choice of fresh or frozen fruit. Because of their high level of fibre and antioxidants, berries are a fantastic choice in this situation. It also tastes great with a half-frozen banana and some berries!  


Fibre helps maintain a balanced gut microbiome and reduces sugar swings. The importance of fibre for Options consists of – ground flax or chia seeds: These tiny seeds not only include fibre but also alpha-linolenic acid, a plant-based omega-3 fat that may help reduce inflammation, which is linked to PCOS. They also contain protein and fat, which help you feel fuller for longer. Flaxseeds may also assist in reducing androgens. the husk of psyllium. This can cut LDL bad cholesterol, according to studies. oat bran versus wheat bran  

Veggies and other greens

Greens like spinach, kale, carrots, and zucchini can be added to smoothies to enhance their fibre content and to add nutrients like magnesium, folate, Vitamins K and A, iron,  potassium, and calcium. Magnesium helps decrease cravings by lowering insulin resistance. Vegetables in general and leafy greens specifically aid in reducing inflammation.  


Water, coconut, nut milk like almond, cashew, and hemp, as well as oat milk, are available options.   

what not to eat or drink with pcos

Processed food should not be consumed. drinks with added sugar or preservatives, such as soda and energy drinks. should stay away from processed and red meat. Don’t eat fast or junk food. Vegetables with green leaves like spinach, cabbage, and broccoli are safe to eat. Red fruits including cherries, strawberries, berries, and cranberries are nutritious. If it’s not available, you can instead drink the readily available, excellent for persons with PCOS, PCOD, and related conditions supplement drink. I’m suggesting our Threos Branded one because we have leading PCOS experts to guide you through every stage of life. Holistic PCOS treatment for life-long results.  

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Indian Home Remedies for PCOS

Cinnamon tea: Crush small pieces of the 3-inch cinnamon stick. Until the water has reduced, boil these in two cups of water.  Honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice must also be added. Consume this tea each day.   Make turmeric milk by adding a teaspoon or a piece of a cup of milk and raw turmeric. milk through a sieve to remove any leftover turmeric. Take this milk once each day.   Juice made from bitter gourds: Blend 1 cup of sliced bitter gourds or karela to paste with a small amount of water. Juice should be strained to get fibre out. Include a tablespoon of little honey and eat it every day after meals.   Amla, often known as Indian gooseberry, is eaten raw or in the form of juice, tea, or fresh fruit. Amla fruits are a fantastic choice to eat twice daily.   Ginger: Grate an inch of ginger and mix it with two teaspoons of honey. Take this twice each day. Dry ginger can be included in smoothies and salads. The recommended dosage is one teaspoon of dry ginger twice daily.   Conclusion: A good diet and regular exercise can help you maintain your desired weight and control your PCOS symptoms. The hormone that turns carbohydrates into energy, insulin, is challenging for the body to use in PCOS patients. Insulin and sugar buildup are the results of your body developing insulin resistance. Lipolysis, the body’s process of breaking fat that can hinder your efforts to lose weight, is prevented by high insulin levels. It thus becomes essential to follow a special diet that can reduce insulin production, promote lipolysis, and help you lose weight and control your pcos symptoms. Thanks for reading. Stay healthy. Stay happy.

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