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PCOS Wellness Centre

Threos Healthcare provides all of the women’s health services that you need to take care of your sexual and reproductive health.
We are a global speciality pharmaceutical company solely committed to supporting the health needs of women through every stage of life.

Get To Know PCOS

What is PCOS?
Polycystic ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) can affect people in different ways and in varying degrees. It is a condition where the normal function of the ovaries has changed. There are three key symptoms of the condition: your ovaries have many tiny cysts, your hormones are out of balance, and you don’t ovulate every month.

At Threos, we can diagnose PCOS if you exhibit the main symptoms. There is no way of reversing the formation of these cysts, but if you’re diagnosed with PCOS it is important that you get treatment to control your symptoms, particularly if the symptoms are severe and cause a lot of worry or if infertility becomes an issue.
What makes PCOS worse?
PCOS can be made worse by any of the following:
High Carbohydrate diet and high fat diets.
Snacking and Weight gain.
Genetic pre-disposition (family history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hormone problems, miscarriage).
Some medications (the Pill, Beta blockers, Progesterone).
Pregnancy and breast feeding.
Lack of ovarian hormones e.g. menopause.
High Carbohydrate diet and high fat diets.
Symptoms of PCOS?
Irregular or absent periods (30% to 50% of women).
Problems in getting pregnant (20% to 30%).
Weight gain around the abdomen / above waist).
Loss of scalp hair.
Concentration / psychological symptoms of tiredness, lethargy, mood swings, aggressive / short fuse, depressed / low feeling, paranoid / negative feelings, loss of confidence, reduced memory / concentration, disorientated / out of body feeling, clumsiness.
Excessive hair growth on face or body.
How is PCOS diagnosed?
At Threos, we are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and offer personalised care in our accessible clinic at a time to suit you.
In our PCOS treatment, We aim to bring the whole body back into balance, which naturally addresses the symptoms.

Holistic PCOS treatment for life-long results

Conquer your PCOS symptoms with the online program that builds PCOS diet, exercise & mental health habits for life.

Holistic Team of Doctors

We help you through pregnancy / infertility, unwanted weight gain, acne, hair loss, mood swings and irregular periods.

Dedicated Coach

A professional care giver will help you set goals, book appointments, and support you through your journey.

Personalised For You

Threo’s experts work with you to create a diet, fitness and medical plan for your lifestyle.

How it Works

Tell us your PCOS Story
  After you sign up we learn about your medical history and symptoms. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss options. null
Start your Treatment
  Our doctor creates a personalised plan for your treatment. This includes daily food charts, exercise routines and follow-up visits as required. null
Get help anytime
  You’re never alone. Call or message our dedicated specialist for any questions or guidance.

Our Reviews

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Stopcos M has really helped me with insulin resistance. It has reduced my hunger cravings
Hannah Hillary
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This medication has changed my life!!! I only regret that I did not take it sooner (like in my 20’s) After years of experiencing PCO symptoms , I finally found Stop PCO -S. Now, not only has my skin cleared up, my weight also came off and by God’s grace , through this supplement, it has changed my life in that it has given me ME back – the CONFIDENT ME I am supposed to be.” Thank you Threos team !
Gayathri S
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A great ethical PCOS Clinic. They followed up with me on my order and even in the lockdown situation, they have ensured that my product was received.
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Amazing service, threos team have been super fast and very clear in answers. I really appreciate this and I truly thank you for all your help.
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Our experience with Dr.Navneeth Selvan was wonderful. He was always friendly and professional and He knew exactly what he was doing. Our experience with Dr Navneeth Selvan was the most comfortable. I cannot thank him enough and I would highly recommend him to everybody else.
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