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Threos helps women to take ownership of their health and feel safe and comfortable getting the care they deserve

Threos Standards

Our core values are excellence, compassion, respect, delivery, learning and improvement. We aim to provide excellent care with compassion and respect. We will do this by:

taking pride in the quality of care we provide
putting patients at the heart of what we do and recognising different needs
encouraging a spirit of support, respect and teamwork
ensuring that we act with integrity
going the extra mile and following through on our commitments
encouraging a spirit of support, respect and teamwork
We aim to deliver, learn and continuously improve. We will do this by:
delivering high standards of PCOS healthcare based on national and international comparisons
striving to improve on what we do through change and innovation
monitoring and assessing our performance
elearning from successes and setbacks
adopting the best clinical research in patient care

Frustrated that your PCOS symptoms are back again? You're not alone.


PCOS patients say their symptoms come back when they stop taking pills

Upto 5 years

Wasted on failed PCOS treatments. No worries, We are there to help you

3 to 7 times

Higher likelihood of diabetes and miscarriages, the longer you wait

Our Reviews

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Stopcos M has really helped me with insulin resistance. It has reduced my hunger cravings
Hannah Hillary
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This medication has changed my life!!! I only regret that I did not take it sooner (like in my 20’s) After years of experiencing PCO symptoms , I finally found Stop PCO -S. Now, not only has my skin cleared up, my weight also came off and by God’s grace , through this supplement, it has changed my life in that it has given me ME back – the CONFIDENT ME I am supposed to be.” Thank you Threos team !
Gayathri S
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A great ethical PCOS Clinic. They followed up with me on my order and even in the lockdown situation, they have ensured that my product was received.
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Amazing service, threos team have been super fast and very clear in answers. I really appreciate this and I truly thank you for all your help.
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Our experience with Dr.Navneeth Selvan was wonderful. He was always friendly and professional and He knew exactly what he was doing. Our experience with Dr Navneeth Selvan was the most comfortable. I cannot thank him enough and I would highly recommend him to everybody else.
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