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How STOPCOS works in PCOS?

One of the most common reasons women use STOPCOS is for symptoms of PCOS. PCOS is a condition that leads to female hormonal imbalance. As a result of those imbalances, women may experience symptoms such as infertility, irregular periods, weight gain, and high blood sugar.
There is evidence suggesting the use of an inositol supplement such as STOPCOS may help symptoms of PCOS, and the results are even better when combined with folic acid, i.e. STOPCOS-O.
With reference to STOPCOS – O, the use of a combination of inositol’s and folic acid may help stimulate ovulation.
With reference to STOPCOS- M, the use of a combination of inositol’s and melatonin may help in achieving better egg quality with amelioration of PCOS symptoms on a genetic level without dietary restrictions.

Can I take STOPCOS and other supplements?

Yes, STOPCOS is compatible with all the supplements

Is doctor prescription necessary for taking STOPCOS ?

No, it is a dietary supplement, can be taken without prescription.

How long do I need to take STOPCOS for complete resolution of PCOS symptoms?

It is suggested that STOPCOS taken for 3-6 months leads to resolution of symptoms

How should STOPCOS best be taken?

STOPCOS can be mixed into any hot or cold beverage with the exception of carbonated soft drinks and alcohol. It is best taken after meal dissolved in 100 mL of water.

Will this help me regulate my periods?

Yes, studies show that inositol helps regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle (period), and restore normal ovulation.

I live outside of India. How can I get this?

Sorry, We cannot ship outside of India. A special request can be sent to “ admin@threoshealthcare.com” for shipping overseas but please note the shipping charges shall be borne by the customer in addition to the product cost.

Can I take STOPCOS if pregnant?

Yes, STOPCOS can be taken throughout pregnancy. Taking inositol during pregnancy may be beneficial. Studies have shown that myo-inositol supplementation during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

Does STOPCOS have side effects?

It is safe for most people and cause only mild if any side effects in daily doses up to 18 grams.

Is this something to take to help get pregnant or for PCOS in general?

STOPCOS can be taken by women who are trying to get pregnant and by those who are not trying. Research shows that inositol helps to improve fertility chances by regulating menstruation (monthly period) and improving ovulation. Inositol has also been shown to improve egg quality, which is important for women trying to get pregnant.

Can STOPCOS help me lose weight?

According to the research, inositol may help with weight loss. Some studies have shown that women taking inositol have significant weight loss compared to women taking a placebo. It is important to continue eating a healthful diet and being physically active while taking STOPCOS.

What does STOPCOS taste like?

STOPCOS is an orange flavored powder. Since everyone is different and has different tastebuds, it could vary. Some say it tastes a little sweet. It is done to prevent nauseating effect caused by other unflavored inositol’s in the market.

Can I give STOPCOS to my teenage daughter?

Yes, STOPCOS has been shown to be safe in children as young as 8 years of age. For many, taking STOPCOS can regulate periods, reducing the need to take birth control medications.

What if I don’t have insulin resistance? Will STOPCOS help me?

STOPCOS has been shown to restore hormone balance and regulate periods. Many women who take it find it helps reduce cravings. Other uses of STOPCOS range are to help with acne and mood.

Why hasn’t my doctor heard of this?

Your doctor may or may not have heard about STOPCOS. STOPCOS range are a new range of inositol products combining myo- and d-chiro-inositol in the body’s naturally occurring ratio of 40 to 1. This inositol combination has been shown to be more beneficial than either form of inositol alone. STOPCOS M is the country’s first melatonin fortified inositol along with myo- and d-chiro-inositol.

Why do the STOPCOS come in packets and not tablets ?

The recommended dosage of Myoinositol is 4g/day which cannot be formulated in form of tablets. Hence, each sachet of STOPCOS consists of 2g of Myo- Inositol and 50 mg of D-chiroinositol ( STOPCOS- O). It has also been shown to increase bioavailability.

What makes STOPCOS so much better than other forms of inositol?

STOPCOS is unique in that it combines myo- and d-chiro-inositol in the body’s naturally occurring ratio of 40 to 1. This ideal ratio has been shown to work better than myo or d-chiro inositol alone. Too much d-chiro inositol has been shown to worsen egg quality. STOPCOS is pharmaceutical-grade and STOPCOS-M is the only inositol supplement to be fortified with melatonin along with myo- and d-chiro-inositol independently tested by a non-profit third party to assure purity and accuracy. Inositol has over 90 clinical trials to prove its safety and efficacy.

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